Thursday, September 25, 2003

This just in: SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!!! Please. This will help me validate my puny insignificant life and provide proof that that 1200 or so number on the counter isn't just me sitting on my butt at work and hitting the refresh button again and again and again. The link is in the left hand column. If enough people sign up I will reward you with another comical story about my adventures in home improvement. If not, well then, I'm going to start describing my workday in long boring painful detail. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

SLUGGY! -- 9.23.2003


I still remember the way he used to look at her. I'd see them playing in the yard, and couldn't help but smile. He's gone now, and all that is left is a crazy patchwork of memories. But I'm going too fast. Let me start at the beginning.

The first time Anna met Sluggy was after a long rain. Sluggy was stretched out across the sidewalk, lounging, or maybe just trying to stay out of the rain. Anna saw sluggy and that was just it. She knew right away that she had to have him for her little bug house. She knew that she had made a friend to last.

But alas, fate was in the way. Or rather, nothing was in the way. Nothing that could block out the hot sun that baked Sluggy as he sat out on the deck in his little bug house. Anna showed the box to me that evening. "He's not feeling well." She said to me. I looked in the box. Sluggy had shriveled to the size of a raisin.

"Lets put him back in the woods, sweetie. Maybe he'll get better."

The second time Anna met Sluggy was after a long rain. Sluggy was stretched out across the sidewalk, etc., etc.. This time Anna was more careful with him, and fed him lots and lots of grass and water. She kept telling me (and everyone else) that she had taught him to fetch. I saw him on the picnic table as I left for work.

Then one day, coming home from work, Anna met me at my car.

"Dad, do you know what?"


The words came out at once and all tumbly, "Today Madison and I were playing with sluggy and I was going to show her how sluggy can fetch so we brought him on the slide and we thought it would be really cool for him to slide down the slide only he didn't and the Madison went down the slide to push him only he sort of exploded and got blood all over the slide and so now he's dead."

So there you have it. Sluggy's gone on. And we'll miss him.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

THE QUEEN - 9.19.2003

Just a quick bit. Driving home yesterday, pout of the blue, Anna asked Kathleen, "Mommy, will you bow to me?"

"Will I bow to you?"

"Yes" Anna replied.

"Why should I bow to you?"

"I am the Queen." Anna said simply.

"The Queen?" Kath asked.


"Of what?"

"I am the queen of everything."

Thursday, September 18, 2003


I am going to post periodic updates to my website throughout the day. Last night at 7pm the federal government decided to shut down due to the upcoming hurricane Isabel, which was predicted to run straight through the region dumping 6-12 inches of rain and blasting with consistent winds of 40+ Mph. I will be posting periodic updates to the weblog during this hurricane day. Also, since the federal government shut down I get the day off. Woohoo!

7:30AM -- Blissful sleep. Sweet blissful sleep. Then the phone, ringing. I answer.
"Did the hurricane hit yet?" "Hi Mike." My brother. "Sorry, did I wake you up?" "Yes" "Is it windy?" "No." "Okay, bye." "Bye Mike." Grumble grumble. Went to get the paper.

11:00AM -- Some spitting rainfall. Very quiet. We are stocked up on Pokemon movies, toilet paper, and flashlights. Little gusts of wind. We clear out the last bits of lawn furniture. The house is oddly quiet, and the lawn is rather neat looking with anything that could possibly blow away having been locked down and stowed away. I am enjoying the day off.

1:46 PM -- Isabel has landed in North Carolina. Anna is looking over my shoulder as we type this. Kathleen went to the store in what will no doubt be a humorous attempt to get some coffee milk and a few bags of junk food. I spent the last few hours doing what many people did. I took an old computer that I bought on ebay and set it up in the basement as a headless print server in my running windows NT and remotely administering it using RealVNC. Now we are waiting, hanging out, and watching the wind grow.

5:05 PM -- Kathleen got back from the store. The power went out around four. Back on just now.

11:00 PM -- Power went out again around 8PM. Time for bed kids! More wind, rain, nothing scary. We sat on the porch and watched the rain fall. The neighbors powered up a generator, which made a noise that marred an otherwise peaceful silence. Kathleen drank a bottle of wine (three buck chuck!), and called several of her friends on my cell phone and engaged them in loud, boisterous conversation. Power came back on around 10:30PM

Frdiay Morning 8:04 AM -- Federal Government is closed again today, but the storm has passed. We missed the brunt of it. Lots of leaves in our lawn, but our basement is dry, I have the day off, and internet connectivity to boot (thank the lord :^)). Life is good!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

WORKSHEET 9.16.2003

I guess Anna felt bad that she had all this great stuff to do at school and I didn't . She made this tonight. As you can see, it is a worksheet, like the kind she has to do at school. The triangular head has to be cut out and pasted onto the triangular dotted line space over the mis-shapen stick figure on the left, and the wavy quadrangle head has to be put over the wavy quadrangle shaped space. I can't wait! Now where can I find some scissors?

Saturday, September 13, 2003


Going into the open house for the nursery school, PJ's teacher introduced herself to the peejster, at which pooint he dropped down on all fours, mumbled something, and started to slide forward along the floor on his head. Great! It got better though, and now he seems to be enamored with his wonderful new school.

Look at me! I'm in nursery school. can we start yet? I'm ready!

You see this badge? yeah, this one. Right here. Its how they know who I am. Its right here. Just look.

Friday, September 12, 2003


Anna left for kindergarden last Monday a week ago. I have never seen her happier. Kathleen, that is. Anna was pretty stoked up about it as well.



Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Black Bear Leads Authorities On Wild Chase In Leesburg

Right outside our door, too. And who says that life in the 'burbs is boring!

Children parked their bikes near Memorial Drive watching from afar and a television news helicopter hovered overhead as about a dozen Loudoun County Animal Care and Control officers, police officers and animal control wardens chased the 2-year-old bear through the woods and eventually up the tree where it taunted them for a good 30 minutes.

Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Warden Mark DiLuigi needed three tranquilizer darts to get the bear drowsy enough to slowly climb down from the Elm tree. And then it ran again, scaring one woman back to her Ayr Street NW home. It took nearly two hours for the group to capture the 125-pound bear at 7:45 p.m. near Loudoun Country Day School. The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries took custody of the mammal to release into the wild of Culpeper County that evening.

According to Leesburg Police Sgt. Mike Amato, the first call came in at 4:30 p.m.—a black bear spotted in someone’s back yard on northwest Leesburg’s Wilson Avenue and West Market Street. Approximately 80 phone calls were fielded by dispatchers, Leesburg Police Capt. Clagett Moxley said, from residents who were wondering why there was a helicopter above their house.

Monday, September 08, 2003


The weather started out gray and wet on Friday. It rained early on, which we missed. Then suddenly the weather broke Saturday into an astonishingly cold and clear night sky. We shivered in our tents. Sunday we continued wining, and enjoyed the areas beauty. The kids had a lot of fun running around the various wineries. It is such a beautiful area. Pop up trailers are starting to appear-- expect us to be driving one next year. One more thing, not the sign, on the second photo. It says "Warning, Swan is NOT friendly." That's a killer swan, she is! Beware! Seriously though. A very aggresive bird. Too funny.

Nineteen years and still going strong. What a great time. Our children were very well behaved the whole time, which led me to believe they were planning something. But no, they were just great kids and we had a great weekend. I am already looking forward to next year.

Saturday, September 06, 2003



Click on the image for a blow up. I was able to get a copy of the group photo (finally) from my uncle Bernie, who actually took two photos and had them stitched together. Let me see if I can get everyone's name right. Going from left to right:

Brian, Sierra's brother, then her dad Steve. Kath, then me, holding PJ. My broither Mike, in front of our mom. Anna in front of Mom, then Jean, sierras Mom, in front of her. Then Bernie, Loretta, and Andrew in front. Next is Jeannie sort of tucked in between, with Mollie infront of her. Then cousin Ron, back in the shadows behind the very pregnant Sierra, with Dan-o on his knees in front. Ron's wife Nancy is next to him. Ken Klotz, mayor of Saratoga, is wearing possibly the only tie seen today, Karen is next to him. In front lounging is Peg's kid Drew. Behind Ken is Chris Shaw, her very tall brother Greg behind her. Next to Chris is Rachael Shaw. Just behind Rachael and to the right is Jeanie, Jeanies daughter. Got that? Nor to the right of Rachael is Mary, who is the sister of Aunt Marn, in the wheelchair below, with Uncle Bernie next to her. Next to Behind Mary is Paul Shaw. To Mary's right is the also very Pregnant Peg. Way back and next to Greg is Mary, Greg's mom. In front of her is Sean, Peg's husband, and at the very bottom is Sean.

There will be a quiz later. You have been warned. :^)