Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Well, its that time of year for Wine, women, and song. Well, lets amend that. Make it wine, women, children, dogs,and the occasional heavy wind. Yes, Sampson State Park! I just collected this info for a friend, so if you want to know more about SSP/LDW03, read on.

Sampson State Park. At this late date I would say don't worry about a reservaton, just show up and camp. We all camp at the overflow lot, which has large flat campsites without obvious borders. Utterly fantastic view of Seneca Lake. By getting 6 or 8 or more sites,we usually just form a big territory. It is customary to just show up first without checking in and to register later.

There is a small restaurant about 200 yards away from the campsite, which is usually where we breakfast. During the day we pile into large vehicles and go from winery to winery, or just loaf. Most of the time someone is pregnant, and thus a *dedicated driver*. Dogs are allowed with proof of rabies shots. Children run free. Last year we were at about 25 adults and 25 children. In the evening, everbody grills! Great big open spaces for kites, frisbees, etc.

Here are some links: The Campsite,
a Map Link, and the campground map.

And here is the campground map.

On the left ahnd side there is a large square, which you can click or a zoom in. Site 339 is on the NW corner of the loop. We usually go from that site backwards, so this year we have 339,338,337,336,335,334,333, etc. I have sites 337,335, 1nd 333, so feel free to drop in and pitch a tent. Somebody told me once they showed up at 2AM and told a Ranger "they were looking or Pete Shaw" and they got sent here. We've been going for about 15 years now I think.

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