Sunday, August 10, 2003


My peaceful time is ending, I have a headache, and I still haven't posted a bunch of stuff that I want to put up on the web page.

The peaceful time was the last 5 days, when Kath, and the brood were beach bumming at Ed and Rita's place at Bethany. So I was left with a few precious hours of quiet each night, which I squandered mostly playing computer games and loafing about. They will return this afternoon. It amazes me just how little free time I actually have, and how much free time I had in the past. In a way the last 5 days were more refreshing than the two weeks of vacation. The vacartion was a blast, but taking the kids anywhere ithese days is Work with a capital W, and sometimes its really just nice to loaf in quiet. Alas, no more of that-- back to the grind. Oh well, at least I can never complain of a boring life and loneliness is never an issue.

My freinds Doug and Tammy, showed up Friday night with there three girls. Tammy, Madison, Megan, and Cassidy continued on to North Carolina, and Doug stuck around for a night of barhopping in Leesburg with me. We went out drinking like we did when we were in college. Unfortunately, my liver is all of 37 and so I was moving around pretty slowly this morning, popping ibuprofen like they were coming out of a pez dispenser, and drinking huge amounts of gatoraid. Still, it is fun to get out once in a while. Come to think of it, Kath and I will be stepping out again on Friday! Two nights out in the same 7 day period. Its like I have a life or something!

In leu of actually writing about the stuff that has happened in the past month I have put a bunch of titles down in the blog. I'll go back and fill these in as time permits, at least now I know what is left to be posted.

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