Sunday, August 10, 2003



Our vacation house was wonderful, but it was woodsy and there were a tremendous amoutn of flying critters around. The joke was, the mosquitoes around here come in two sizes; small enough to fly through the screen door and big enough to open it.

A couple od days into our stint, Anna was bitten by some creepy insect while she was sleeping. We never did figure out what it was that bit her, but her right eye swole up pretty good. I kept asking her, "Anna, are you winking at me?" and it never got old. Eventually we got her to the doctor who prescribed the most nasty tasting liquid steroid in existance, but this did the trick for the swelling.

At some point during this time we went to Wal-Mart, because, well, we are just Wal-Mart sort of people. Pathetic but true. They had a little McDonald's up front by the entrance, and a bench with a life size statue of Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench. Anna calls him "Happy MacDonald". Never losing her sense of the dramatic, Anna wasn't just happy sitting next to the smiling yellow man, but wanted to stand on his head and jump off his shoulders so she could propel herself into space. Maybe she wanted to land on the pyramid of inexpensive laundry detergent, or maybe the she just wanted to wave at people, but we never got that far. She wouldn't stop and so I had to pull her down, say "that's enough" in my best tough-guy-I'm-the-dad voice, and toss her over my shoulder and carry her out of the store.

So basically, I had to physically carry her out of the store kicking and screaming because she wouldn't stop climbing on this stupid grinning clown statue. As I carried her out of the store, she kicked and she screamed out "Goodbye Happy MacDonald!" With big crocodile tears streaming down her little chin she cried, "Goodbye Happy Macdonald."

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