Sunday, August 10, 2003


Got back Sunday. Lots of stuff to catch up on, unfortunately I am soooo very short on time these days. Rather than confuse the order of things, I will try and keep my postings in chronological order, so the family reunion, the high school reunion, strange conversations with neighbors, land purchasing antics, harrowing wasp attacks, and of course, the ever present songs written by Anna. All this and more! Stay tuned.

Vacation was at once restful and exhausting. ANYTHING with the kids is exhausting. I saw so many family and friends, got in some good hang time with my Mom, and Mike, my kids got to hang out with their cousins. Anna took swim lessons at Gurney Lane. Lots of hanging out at the beach. I should have a bunch of photos to post as well. A wealth of material.

This week I am kind of being a zero. After all that freedom its kind of nice to be a mindless drone, zooming off to work, putting the kids to bed, going to sleep, repeating the process. A suburban meditation ritual, not very exciting but its a role I seem to have down by now and I think I coul dpull it off for quite some time.

Watching some great movies on the bus. I'll try and post my reviews. "Gangs of New York" on Monday, and then "Punch Drunk Love" on Tuesday, which was simply amazing. On Wednesday I watched "Dragonfly" which stunk, all the more by comparison. Mmmmm, movies on the bus. It sounds stupid, but you have no idea how great a thing this is. You really have no idea. I have never in my life enjoyed commuting more than I do so now.

Okay, so that's it a very quick update. I will begin posting stories to get "caught up" soon. But here are some photos from the trip.

First, the gratuitous nudity. PJ and Anna playing outside the camp.

Here are the kiddie splaying at the beach


The view from the bridge. So bucolic.


And here is the fam crossing said bridge. We were an eight minute walk to the beach from our cabin, through a forest of large pines.


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