Sunday, June 15, 2003

WHAT A MESS -- June 15th, 2003

This is a recent picture of the back of our minivan. I had to take the seats out to move some stuff.

as you can see it is a mess. But lets zoom in a little for some detail.

I see a Wendy's french fry box, a harmonica, and what, is that raw sugar? You reach a point where you lose track of what the sticky stuff is, and when it really no longer matters. Our house is in similar straights. I have to be careful, though, about what I say. Sometimes I'll come home from work and look around the house and think to myself, "why is this house so messy?" Of course these words would never leave my mouth, I have at least some sense.

On those rare occasions when I am left with all three children, I usually find no time to clean either. In fact, I usually spend the last 80 percent of the time staring at clock and wondering "when will this be over." Its hard work. I don't know how anyone finds time to clean things.

When we had some friends visiting who happened to keep a very tidy house, Kathleen asked her counterpart how she kept her house so clean. "I get up at 5:30 in the morning so that I can clean before the kids wake up" was the matter of fact answer. While technically correct, I think this was an unsatisfactory answer. I am sure this is not the answer Kathleen (or I) was hoping for. I'm always loooking for one of those quick-fix, silver bullet kind of solutions, the kind they advertise on TV. It would have been so much better if the conversation had gone like this.

"So, how do you keep your house so clean? It looks fabulous."

"Oh, its nothing. I just use Oxy-Clean!


"Yes, Oxy-Clean. Once I started using oxy-clean, well, the house practically started cleaning itself."

But alas, there are no silver bullets. Disorder is inexorable, and along with all the other wonderful things that come with our children comes lots and lots and lots of disorder. There are very few kinds of a mess that can't be cured with new carpeting, a few cans of paint, a dumpster, and several hundred dollars worth day-labor. Life is just balancing act between total chaos and order anyway.

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