Friday, June 13, 2003

SUPERPJ -- 6.13.2003

My daughter Anna has been visiting Aunt Zoe these past few days, which puts Zoe in great esteem here at the Shaw camp. In absence of the elder child, PJ's personality has become more apparent and less of an "Anna-shadow." He's kind of a cross between Chevy Chase playing Gerald Ford and Superman, a wannabe superhero who bumps into things a lot.

The other day Kathleen was getting Sam and PJ into the car. She opened the door to the garage, pressed the garage door opener, and was carrying Sam out to the car in his baby seat. When she looked over to the left, PJ had ran over to the garage door and grabbed the lip in his stubby little fingers and was hanging on. He was already a foot in the air, by the time Kath got over there PJ was at shoulder level. Totally unafraid.

The unafraid thing would be more cool and less scary if he didn't fall/crash/land on things so often. PJ and I were playing tag in my bedroom, and he kept falling. Try not to wonder too much about us playing tag, all I can say for an explanation is that it was "family fun hour." I finally had to make up a game called "pillow chaser". PJ would pick up a big pillow and carry it, running away from me. I would chase him. The advantage, was that every time he fell or ran into something, the pillow would protect him. Crazy, yes, but it worked pretty much.

PJ is also very contrary these days. If you say "PJ, do you want to do X" he will always say no. I had the following conversation with him.

"PJ, could you say no for me?"


"You won't just say no?"

"No, I don't want to say no"

"Not just a single simple no?"

"No, I don't want to."

Ah well, two more days and PJ can go back to being a helper of Anna, an understudy of chaos. Sam is all smiles and happiness these days. He is a joy to be around. And I keep thinking, I must enjoy it while I can. The clock is ticking.

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