Tuesday, May 20, 2003

THIS AND THAT 5-20-2003

Been a while since my last entry. Blame the new job on that. I am with great effort restraining myself from speaking about my former employer, whom I have left as of May 9th. Well, its not that hard. Lets just say I have never been as happy about taking a job with a 75 minute comute before in my life. There is a secret about that though. I'll get to that later. But first here is this.

This is when I was mowing my lawn yesterday, after what seemed like 10 days of rain. My grass was green and thick, which of itself, is the sort of thing that might make it into the local newspaper. "LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOLS GOING BANKRUPT, saee page six, but here on page one, PETE SHAW'S FRONT YARD NOT NASTY! (Many attribute this agrcultural miracle to the work of aliens.)" So I've got the old gener-0-mower out there struggling through the 12 inch high sea of grass and sounding like chitty chitty bang bang, and suddenly I see PJ running along side me.

I was on the side of the house over by Locust Knoll, and PJ was just inside the fence. I caught a flash of his bright orange shirt, strobing through the pickets as his his stubby little legs fought to keep up with me. His arms waved in little circles and his head was always lookign at the ground, but he kept up with me for a little while. It was cool.

Later that day we were in the hot tub. And Pj and Anna are in there with me. PJ comes over and looks at me, and says in a very serious voice. "Daddy, can I pee on you?" He was standing up on the bench seat, and naked you see, and I was sitting there next to him. I had to be careful. If I rose my voice too loud, it might startle him, and well, the flood gates would let loose. It all worked out all right though.

This is when I was taking Anna to her room for the third time yesterday. She never ate her lunch at school that day because she refused to wash her hands. Yes, I can just see the conversation. Stubborn little Anna just going hungry on the principle of the matter. Ok, maybe the "I don't want to wash my hands" isn't much of a principle, but still, her stubborness will serve her well in the future. That is of course, if the wolves that find her in the depths of the forest and raise her as their own, have more patience than us.

I do of course love all three of my children, and do not recommend the leaving to the wolves thing as anything other than a struggling effort at humor.

Oh, and I forgot about that. The secret. About the commute. Its on a bus. I can read on it. In peace and quiet. I can study. Sleep a little. No children, no job stress. Just the bus. Its a beautiful thing. But don't tell anyone. Shhhhhhhhh.

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