Tuesday, May 27, 2003

KEY RING – 5.27.2003

My key ring is shrinking. I am down to two keys – the house key and the subaru key. The ford Windstar is at the AAMCO in Sterling getting some very expensive transmission pieces fixed on it, so they have my key and we have been making due with the Subaru, which is a squeeze for the 5 of us to say the least.

I had 2 more keys, and a fob device when I worked for my previous employer. One key was for my office door, the fob was to get in the building. There was another key, but I couldn’t remember what it was for, and ended up throwing it out. I don't have a fob at the new job. Instead I have to pass a metal detector and two beefy guys with guns.

The key ring itself is bent up, from getting run over at the parking lot of the 7-11 just down the road from our house. Little piece of detective work involved in figuring that one out. My brother had visited during the weekend. He had just left, and I could not find my car keys anywhere. In looking, though, I found my wife’s cell phone, which had been left on top of the car, the Subaru. It had been there for some time. She had, in fact, been looking for her cell phone since Saturday morning, when I had left it (and my car keys) on top of the car. She remembered driving to the 7-11 to get milk for coffee. The phone had stayed on the car the whole time.

I went to the 7-11, and they had the keys hanging on a big rusty nail on a post behind the counter. Three of the keys were bent, the key ring was all mangled. It was humbling, to have some guy working at the 7-11 hand you this twisted mess of keys. While he was being very nice about it, you know, you just know, that he is snickering to himself and thinking "what a dumb ass!" I'm sure it makes for a good story to tell all the your 7-11 cronies about over coffee.

Another interesting thing about all this is that over the past six or seven years I have become something of an expert on leaving my phone on top of the car. One time, in Falls Church, I left the cordless on top of my car and drove off running errands all day, only to find it there the next day. That wasn’t the only time either. Evidently, if you don’t brake too hard or hit any really tight turns, phones have a way of just staying put. Either that or I am just plain lucky, but how can you every tell with these things?

So now I am down to two keys on a little piece of twisty metal. I forgot about the little card thing. I have a Food Lion MVP card, the small kind that attaches to your keys. It still works even though there aere some faintly detectable tire tracks on them.

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