Sunday, April 27, 2003

UNDER THE DESK 4.27.2003

PJ got his diaper off this morning and was running around like the evil doll in teh movie "Trilogy of Terror". We'd here footsteps and laughing and then every once in a while he'd run by us, cackling. Then Kath said "I better get a diaper on him before he pees on the floor." Hmmm, I had not thought of that.

Kath walked off, stalking the naked PJ. Then I heard a clap, and Kath saying "PJ, stop that right now. You pee in the potty! IN THE POTTY!".

"Where did he pee?" I asked.

"Under the computer desk. Where he always does." Kath replied. Always? Does he always pee there I thought? Ho often is always? Is he marking his territory? I went to get the simple green and the paper towels, and watching my step all the while.

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