Monday, April 28, 2003

SAM THE TICK 4/28/2003

The samster just had his six week well baby checkup, the one where they take a perfectly fine 'well baby' and stick needles in him and inject him with vaccines until he is screaming his head off. 14 pounds, the little oinker. So his health is great, but I keep having this strange thought.

Last summer, due to a mild winter just before, the ticks were out in droves, and Patra got them a lot. We would pull them off her and once in a while I would see a tick, all swollen with blood until it was the size of a milk dud. This milk dud had little tiny legs that could no longer support its weight, and they would be wiggling around.

For some reason, Sam reminds of one of those ticks. He's a cute little baby, but he's really pudgy and round. And he constantly eats and is usually pretty docile. He doesn't cry too much either. He just lays around, with his big pudgy milk dud body and his little arms and chicken legs sticking out. And that reminds me of a tick. It just cracks me up.

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