Wednesday, April 16, 2003

PJ - king of all video games

My son PJ is two years old. He loves to play video games. Well, thats okay so do I, but he's two. Is this normal? I have the upstairs computer set up with a big joystick, and arcade style buttons, and a bunch of emulators that run Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. He can make it through the frist two levels of Sonic the Hedgehog by himself!

He can walk over to the computer, use the trackball to run the program. Open the file menu and load the game he wants, and then start playing. He even knows how to reboot the computer. Right after Sam was born, the grandmas were over, and PJ was patiently trying to explain to Gagi how to reboot the computer. She was patiently telling him "No PJ, the comoputer is broken." And while he lacked the words to say it, was trying to explain to her that she needed to get the key from the kitchen to unlock the computer cabinet, and then press the reset button to reboot the computer. Eventually he got the idea across, and the computer was working again.

I came in the computer room yesterday, and he had loaded up some game I had never sen before. It had this guy dressed up in a spacesuit shooting these aliens that looked like giant toothy skulls. He was doing good too. He was shooting and blowing up the skulls and jumping around to move out of their way. Eventually he got to the end of the level and started shooting at what looked like a giant purple snake made of old car tires. While I was watching all this I had mixed feelings. It was pride mostly but mixed with something else, maybe a little fear or concern or maybe awe. I was shaking my head and muttering to myself as I walked away. I've been doing that a lot lately.

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