Saturday, March 22, 2003

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Anna Zone!

Welcome! Come in, come in. Watch you're head. Looking straight ahead you can see the wrapping paper for various gifts that Anna like to make for people. There on the right, there she is, hard at work on her latest creation.
A little bit ahead and to your right is a pretend kitchen sold under the name of My Sweet Magic Kitchen. This toy was bought for Anna by Grandma Nina, although dad had to assemble it in a grim two hour period on christmas eve, after which I always refer to this as MSMFK.
Watch you're step please, there is a lot of stuff on the flor ahead. This is Anna's 'creative' area. If she were an artist, we might say she was going though a 'chaotic' period.
As you look high up on the wall, you see that Anna has used her tape and scissors to create things and stick them to the wall. We are not really sure how she got them up there. You see the butterfly's over the picture of the carousel? She is not tall enough. She must have stacked some thing or things on the table. I don't want to know.
At the top of her shelves Anna keeps her party favors at the ready. Anna is always up for some last minute entertaining and likes to be prepared.
Do you see the various pieces of tape? These were once part of some 90 minute children's medley cassette, have been cut and taped to the closet door at various lengths and intervals. We believe that these lengths and intervals form some kind of primitive language of a kind.
Again, the wall over Anna's bed has been heavily decorated with a variety of drawings , stickers, and tape. I think for some of these taller ones she merely had to bounce on the bed until she was high enough, and then push the paper against the wall
And finally, here she is in person , hard at work, creating some musical number, the artists mind never ceasing its constant motion.

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