Sunday, March 16, 2003


Patra has been sleeping in the basement. Patra is our dog, a black lab that has grown from a sixty pound bullet of energy several years ago into a fairly overwieght sweet natured ninety pound sedentary beast. A big old sack of sugar as I like to call her. Hey, we are all getting fat these days, who am I to complain? Patra is getting to the point where her hips are becoming arthritic. Its normal for Labs of this age. I give her aspirin for it and it helps. But she has a pained look in the mornings sometimes, and its a little work for her to stand up and sit down.

So she's been sleeping in the basement lately. But she won't go down by herself. Maybe she's afraid? She'll sit at the door and whine, and if I open the door she'll have this look, this heavy eyed expression of guilt, like she's saying (what? by myself? you're not going down there with me?). Usually this isn't a problem though, I am always going down into the basement to my office for one reason or another. But once I go down Patra will remain and sleep there all night. I think I've figured it out, why she is doing this. She's hiding.

This morning the kids were in the front office yelling, "Patra! Patra!", and finally Patra, moving slowly and seeming like Eeyore (Woe is me. What do they want now?) finally moved her way to the office. Immediately Anna shuts the door and locks it, throws a blanket on Patra, and PJ and Anna start running around Patra and yelling at her "Patra! Go to sleep Patra! Go to sleep." I finally arrive on the scene to investigate moments later and Anna unlocks the door and there is Patra, with that heavy look she always seems to have, lying under a blanket, while the children run around her in circles and yell at her. Maybe I should mention that both kids were naked. Where did their clothes go? I've stopped trying to figure out these things.

But at least now I know why Patra likes to hide out in the basement. Its the same reason I do.

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