Wednesday, March 26, 2003

A DAY IN THE COUNTRY - 3/23/2003

I volunteered to take Anna and PJ for the day on Sunday, for the most part, because I am a good dad. I should start out by saying that. Also, maybe, I should explain that it was because I was up until 2am playing poker the night before that I was a little sleep deprived. So I wasn't feeling all that great, and I had Anna Pj in the back of the minivan, happily watching Wallace & Gromit on the 9" portable tv, while I drove out in the minivan towards the mountains, carefully stopping at every Sheetz in site to purchase another 64oz soda.

We never got to the mountans, exactly. We had a great time though. Its guess fro some people it might be embarassing to say that you took your two children out for the day and went to a brewery. Hey! We had a good time. It was good clean fun. Let me explain.

Bardo was this great bar in Arlington. It was a brewpub that was made out of this converted auto dealership. It was huge and it had these amazing beers on tap. It was like going to your friend's basement with two or three hundred of your closest friends, and drinking his most excellent homebrew. Well, Bardo the bar is no more, but the same guy has this brewry on a piece of land near Amissville, VA. As I was driving out towards the Shenandoah's I stopped, asked, and got directions. Get ready kids, we're going to Bardo!

Right off I knew that this was going to be a great place to go on a beautiful Sunday It had lots of artwork and rustic charm that gave it the right atmosphere for a country brewery. And they didn't serve Budweiser, either. I appreciated that. They didn't have an actual playground, but Anna and PJ made due with what was available. The tasting area was a beautiful open patio and was full of inviting breezes. They even had a place for you to barbecue!. Finally though, it was time to leave. Next time I'll make sure and bring some growlers to take home with me.