Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Well after all this news about Enron and Worldcom I didn't think my daughter had been paying attention, but I was wrong. In fact, she has just this morning been telling me about her latest money making scheme, which to her credit is more inventive that at least half of the spam I get in the mail. This morning.

Me: "Anna, how does this work?"

Anna: "We put a table outside, and a chair out there too. I will put on my shoes and sock and jacket and sit on the chair out there. And I will call to people and as k them for money."

Me: "What is the chart for?"

(note: Anna drewe the chart, and then dictated the lettering for each day. I added Sunday later, at first she thought it should be foru dollars, and then decided on twelve nickels.)
MONDAY:gold coin
TUESDAY:ten dollars
WEDNESDAY:one dollar
THURSDAY:six shiny coins
FRIDAY:two dollars
SATURDAY:eight brown coins
SUNDAY:twelve nickels

Anna: "What day the money comes."

Me: "So people will just walk by and give you money?"

Anna: "yeah."

So, I tried to explain how money is used as a medium of exchange for goods and services in our society. I told her how she would be, in effect, begging, and that while people she knew, like Grandmothers, might give her money, that strangers would think she was begging.

Anna: "But Miss Sandy knows me."

She was getting frustrated with the whole "you gotta work for a living in this world" schtick and so I dropped the whole thing. But it was almost 7:30 AM by then and I thought I would teach her a lesson on working for your money. I said "Anna, I will give you a dime if you go and wake mommy up" to which she said "Sure!" cheerfully and strode off. I think she knows more than I give her credit for. Twenty seconds later I hear her telling PJ that he has to go and wake up mommy.

UPDATE -- approx 2:30 PM on the same day

Thsi photo was taken today, as she patiently waited for people to give her money. Why? "So that I can be lucky" miss determination replied. The deal struck was that she had to offer at least hot chocolate in exchange for money; no begging was to be allowed. So far there have been no takers, but Anna appears undaunted.