Tuesday, February 18, 2003


This past Sunday we got one of the top 5 snowstorms in recorded history for the DC metro area. But we're all snowed in, and I get a phone call. Its my brother Mike, calling from a shanty in the middle of Lake George.

Me: "Hey Mike, we are really getting some bad weather down here."

Mike: "Wow, I'm ice fishing today."

Me: "You're going ice fishing?"

Mike: "No, I'm out on Lake George right now about one mile south of Dollar Island. Aren't cell phones great?"

Me: "What, are you in you're shanty?"

Mike: "Yeah, I've got the heater cranked but its still pretty cold. The wind comes in through some of the tiny holes."

Me: "How cold is it outside?"

Mike: "Well, its about minus seventeen, but its supposed to warm up."

Pete: "Its minus seventeen, and you hiked a mile out onto a lake by yourself to go ice fishing?"

Mike: "Yeah! And I've been reading my ice fishing magazine."

Then a few hours later I get another phone call.

Me: "Hello?"

Mike: "Hey, I caught one!"

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