Friday, February 07, 2003


...despite my many failings as a dog owner. I know Patra has an easy life. We feed her twice a day, plus what the kids give her. She isn't left alone much. The kids are pretty gentle with her and so as dogs go she has a pretty good lie-about-the-house lot in life.

But she loves, she just loves to go for a ride in that car. She knows when we are packing for a trip. She'll sit next to the car and whimper, and if the door is open even the slightest bit she'll lunge into the car and curl into a little knot and refuse to vluntarily leave.

So when I go to the store or run some kind of errand I bring the dog with me. Patra just loves it. (allright! I'm in the car! We're going somehwere! I love being a dog!) Last night I made a brief run to the 7-11 around 9pm to get milk. It snowed last night. The next morning I go to warm the car up. My first thought. Man, this car smells like dog. Them, there is Patra in the back seat, wagging her tail. (You came back! I am so happy to see you! That was a long stop!)

Despite spendinng 12 hours in the car, the old pooch was none the worse fro wear, did not pee or chew or poop on anything. And she is still as willing and inistant on getting in the car as ever. I of course feel like a rat, a forgetful thoughtless rat. But at least someone loves me. (I do! I do! Can I have some dog food! Lets go in the car!)

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