Wednesday, January 29, 2003


About a week ago PJ started by breaking off the keyboard tray on the computer desk upstairs. It is one of those cheap computer hutches you can buy, all particleboard and philips head screws. He managed to get arms of the office chair up under the keyboard tray and then by rocking back he levered the tray under the chair. After a few times, it went *pop* and pulled the screws out that held it in place. I mumbled, growled, and then did my dad thing by fixing it as best I could with the trusty Ryobi cordless drill.

Two days later he does the same thing. I get home from work and the keyboard tray is sitting in the stairwell, leaning up against the TV-tables we keep just inside of the doorway. No problem, I say to myself, and I just assume the keyboard tray has gone the way of things. Once you have kids, the old saw goes, you don't have anything else. We don't really need the keyboard tray anyway, the keyboard can just sit on top of the desk.

The computer hutch has a shelf part that sits on top of the desk. It rises like a big upside down U above the desk. PJ knocked it over yesterday, trying to climb on top of it. He pulled out the dowels that were holding it in place, and sent the computer speakers, some CD's, an old book, and some papers flying across the little front office. Anna panomimed the action for me later that night when I asked her about it. She jumped off the chair and rolled on the floor, saying "it fell down like this" and then raised both arms in the air like a gymnast.

I have a sinking feeling that this is the only the beginning, but also have a great idea. i am going to start calling my children by descriptive names, ala 'dances with wolves'. My two children are 'Breaker of Furnitur' and 'Rolls on Carpet'.

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