Thursday, January 02, 2003

christmas at home 12/25/2002
Let me start with christmas eve. Left work and got home, Kath's parents, Ed and Rita, and her two brothers Paul nad Edward all showed up late, somewhere around ten pm. I spent about 90 minutes putting together a delightfulk little toy called My Sweet (f***ing) Magic Kitchen. CDhristmas can be kind of a pain I guess. We had snow, which is actually the first white christmas in Virginia that I can remember. OK, christmas morning, remarkably, virtually all of the adults are awake before the kids, go figure. PJ (aka the Peej) doesn't really understand christmas yet, but his little two year old mind sure has a good grip on opening presents! Anna and PJ were most delighted, and a good time was had by all.

Darryl and Ginny showed up later on, fighting it through the snow. We all sat down to a big dinner at our house. Chirstmas at OUR house. Like the sound of that, yessir. I mentioned that I had never spent christmas at my own house, and Ed said that he had never in his life woke up on christmas day at a house that he didn't live at.

Back to work on Thursday, uggh. Should be a cheese work day tho. On Saturday we head up for a fun filled week in Glens Falls, from what I heard they have a boatload of snow, about two feet worth. Cao -P3t3

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