Wednesday, January 29, 2003


About a week ago PJ started by breaking off the keyboard tray on the computer desk upstairs. It is one of those cheap computer hutches you can buy, all particleboard and philips head screws. He managed to get arms of the office chair up under the keyboard tray and then by rocking back he levered the tray under the chair. After a few times, it went *pop* and pulled the screws out that held it in place. I mumbled, growled, and then did my dad thing by fixing it as best I could with the trusty Ryobi cordless drill.

Two days later he does the same thing. I get home from work and the keyboard tray is sitting in the stairwell, leaning up against the TV-tables we keep just inside of the doorway. No problem, I say to myself, and I just assume the keyboard tray has gone the way of things. Once you have kids, the old saw goes, you don't have anything else. We don't really need the keyboard tray anyway, the keyboard can just sit on top of the desk.

The computer hutch has a shelf part that sits on top of the desk. It rises like a big upside down U above the desk. PJ knocked it over yesterday, trying to climb on top of it. He pulled out the dowels that were holding it in place, and sent the computer speakers, some CD's, an old book, and some papers flying across the little front office. Anna panomimed the action for me later that night when I asked her about it. She jumped off the chair and rolled on the floor, saying "it fell down like this" and then raised both arms in the air like a gymnast.

I have a sinking feeling that this is the only the beginning, but also have a great idea. i am going to start calling my children by descriptive names, ala 'dances with wolves'. My two children are 'Breaker of Furnitur' and 'Rolls on Carpet'.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Sunday After Christmas, 12/28/2002

(More photos to follow mom, I promise!)

On Saturday we packed up the clan and drove some 456 miles from Leesburg, VA to Glens Falls, NY to see my Mom, as well as my brother, his wife, and his children. For clarity, in future we will reference this bunch as EMLAMBLAO--Elly(my mom), Mike(my bro), Loretta (my sis inlaw), Andrew(my nephew-5), Molly(niece-7),Benny(dog),Luna(feral cat adopted by my mom),Appla Pie(Mike and Loretta's cat), and O(Mike and Loretta's other cat-- I don't rememeber the name).

So the drive was fairly painless. We alternated painfully slow stops waiting for my two year old to eat 4 chicken McNuggets with many tiny, thought ful bites (Eat! Eat!) and me turning our bland brown minivan into a hurling bastion of highway terror blasting up I-81 through Pennsylvania at about 80 mph. Well, allright. No minivan can really go that fast. But we did keep up with traffic. And I passed a Saab. At least once. :^)

So after 6 hours driving and what seems like 25 hours of food served by people with nametags we finally arrived and it was good to see my family. My cousin Jen showed up with boyfreind Paul in Jenny's fasionable beatle. Paul was a good sport and treated us all like human beings, witch is more than I deserve. Seriously, though it was good to see Jen, and I thought the whole meet the family thing went pretty well (Jenny--sorry if I overdid the whole "my family are a bunch of cannibals schtick')

Sunday AM, many presents! A second christmas. Well, not in the biblical Chirst is reborn sense, but more in a hey ! look at all the retail spending b oosting the economy sense. My children, oblivious to the many guilt issues that encumber me were delighted beyond belief. I would travel through hell to see them cavort with such joy. Sometimes in small doses, even in large ones, it is good to see a little excess. Life is good.

I am trying to search my recollection of the past week, but all I get is little flashes, here and there. We saw part two of lord of the rings which wa awesome. I drank about 256 ounces of diet coke during the three hour movie, which did awesome things to my bladder, and kept me awake until about 1AM. We ate out too frequently, the brrod played in what seemed a ridiculaously huge amount of snow, some 36 incihes of fluffy dry stuff in a week. I slept in every day, my mom getting up with the kdis every morning, bless her. Fighting with the assholes at Quaker TV when we tried to return a broken VCR to them and the idiot who owned the store literally made excuses up your face like some seedy used car dealer from a comic book. The amazing thing was that a small business was competing with Wal-Mart by giving shitty service and bad attitudes.

More stuff, I'll try and post later. Photow will follow. peace --Pete

Thursday, January 02, 2003

christmas at home 12/25/2002
Let me start with christmas eve. Left work and got home, Kath's parents, Ed and Rita, and her two brothers Paul nad Edward all showed up late, somewhere around ten pm. I spent about 90 minutes putting together a delightfulk little toy called My Sweet (f***ing) Magic Kitchen. CDhristmas can be kind of a pain I guess. We had snow, which is actually the first white christmas in Virginia that I can remember. OK, christmas morning, remarkably, virtually all of the adults are awake before the kids, go figure. PJ (aka the Peej) doesn't really understand christmas yet, but his little two year old mind sure has a good grip on opening presents! Anna and PJ were most delighted, and a good time was had by all.

Darryl and Ginny showed up later on, fighting it through the snow. We all sat down to a big dinner at our house. Chirstmas at OUR house. Like the sound of that, yessir. I mentioned that I had never spent christmas at my own house, and Ed said that he had never in his life woke up on christmas day at a house that he didn't live at.

Back to work on Thursday, uggh. Should be a cheese work day tho. On Saturday we head up for a fun filled week in Glens Falls, from what I heard they have a boatload of snow, about two feet worth. Cao -P3t3