Thursday, December 12, 2002

I need to add a few stories here, to try and catch up with what I have been doing. First of all, back on November 22, 23rd we rented a house in Harper's Ferry, called Highacre. See links Highacre1 and Highacre2 for photos. This house is incredible. 120 years old, right in the middle of this historic town, and relatively inexpensive. 3 couples went up for the weekend.

There is a a pretty old, and large cemetary immediately uphill of the house. Anna and PJ and I were wandering around, playing. Anna asked me read one of the tombstones. I read it,it was this woman who was born in 1840 and diesd in 1870, Laurua was her name, I think.

"Aww, that's sad." She said, and then paused for a moment. Then, with glee, "Can we read another?" Then we were off looking at tombstones. The funniest part was when she looked at one short, squarish one and said to me, "Dad! This one looks like Sponge Bob!"

The next day we went hiking, (Anna, PJ, and I-- Kath gets a by because she is pregnant). I had PJ in the backpack. No problem. About halfway out, Anna gets tired too. So I am carrying Anna under my arm, PJ on the backpack, for about the last mile. Now that's tiring!

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