Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Highacre Stories Part Two: this was 11/23/02

The house we stayed at sits on a hill, steeply pitched down towards the bottom of Harper's Ferry. Immediately below us is the ruins of an old church. Evidently built in the 18 somethings (1859?), it burnt down 40 years later. The methodists decided it was cheaper and easier to just build another church farther up the hill onlevel ground rather than to try and rebuild from the ruins. So there it lay. The ruins also lay alongside of the appalachian trail that winds through town, and it is also clearly in view from the dining room at the house we stayed at, Highacre (see links below). You can't look anywhere else, you just sit at the dining room table and gaze down at the ruins of the church, and the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers below it merging, and watch the occasional trains go by. Its very beautiful.

This Saturday morning though, there were three couples sitting around the dining room table, drinking coffee and eating breakfast. children were running around and genreally being underfoot, but no more than usual. So while we were gnoshing, the happy couple walks down into the ruins.

The happy loving couple were both teenagers, or early twenties at most. They were on there first, or maybe second date, and obviously very much in love, or at least in like, with each other. They had taken a scenic drive up to Harper's Ferry to no doubt take in a day of hiking and spending time together. All very romantic. And they noticed these neat ruins of an ancient church, and decided to start making out in these ruins, because it was such a scenic place, and because they wre in love, and, well, just because.

So we three couples got an unintentional display of some minor petting. It was kind of touching. We sat around going, "awww" and "do you remember ..." Then the happy loving couple left, each ones hand in the appropriate back pocket of the other's jeans, off to have a snack no doubt, blissfully unaware of their brief audience of guys and gals not too much older, but so far away from that place. It was was cool just to be distracted for a moment from the many mischievous little feet running around the house.

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