Thursday, December 26, 2002

12/7/02--St. Nicholas Day, the tree cutting party

This is a day of many meanings. Pearl harbor, of course. Also the day that my dad passed on kind of abruptly, having a heart attack in our basement some twenty years ago. It is also St. Nicholas day, the German holiday that precedes chistmas by a few weeks. I don't know what the significance is. Growing up we would always get a little gift on the 7th. The last few years we have been going and cutting down a christmas tree this weekend, and so we had a small get together. Mike and Loretta were supposed to come down for the weekend but could not because of Flip's mom dying. A bunch of people from work were suposed to show up, but nobody made it. So it was a small crowd, but sometimes that works out for the best.

Rob and Tina showed up more or less on time to cut down a tree, but since they were the only ones we didn't mind so much. We went out to this gorgeous farm out near Lovettsville. Unfortunately, gorgeous in this case also means huge, and once we actually found a tree hauling it back involved me pulling a red cart with the tree on it, with anna sitting on the end dragging her feet, and carrying PJ on my shoulders, slugging the whole mess through the snow some half mile or so back to the car. Tina helped varry PJ, which was much appreciated by my back.

My freind Dave showed up later and literally stood in the kitchen eating ham for avout 15 minutes, just as everyone else was leaving. DAVE! We ended up staying up till 11 playing pente and drinking wine (note to self- beer + red wine _+ arbor mist sangria = one helluva hangover).

The next morning I had a wopper of a headache, and of course I had to help out in the nursery. (Second note to self, don't volunteer to spend time with a room full of 25 four year olds who are resolutely incapable of doing anythiing that is not loud, harsh, or grating, when there is any chance of being hungover or headachen.)

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