Friday, November 01, 2002

Oh, let me see. Here is the skinny on halloween, readers digest version. First, the great big pumpin was a huge success courtesyt of Kath's dad, who bought it and shiped it in from the Delmarva personally. Kudos to the Leesburg Outlet mall for having trick or treating during the day. Kath took the kids there during the day, see picture below. The Leesburg parade was great! It was cold out, but the parade wasn't too long. Patra snuck out and sniffed little Sarah in the face, no damage done, but Sarah let loose a good old fasioned blood-curling halloween shreik. Sorry Sarah! (She is about 2). Anna showed no signs of exhuastion at bedtime. Fueled by candy bars and sweet tarts not doubt. Everything without a hitch. Once again, Happy halloween!

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