Monday, November 11, 2002

Finally the leaves have turned! And Anna, and PJ too, to a lesser extent, are getting positively eeeeevil. Friday night we loafed and relaxed once the kids went to bed. Saturday I got up with the munchkins, ran some errands.

We went to Lowes and got some blinds. Then after we got home, I took Anna and PJ for a ride in the bicycle trailer. The two of them sat side by side with their snacks and drinks while Daddy huffed and puffed pulling the 70+ pound load of the two of them. Five minutes into the ride Anna decided that she was in charge, saying "No daddy! Go that way!" at every intersection. Of course I couldn't see where she was pointing without stopping, I could only tell that wherever it was I was going it was the *wrong* way. Eventually we worked it out, although next time I will make a point to bring Dora the explorer type maps.

About halfway through the ride, the point when I had to turn around and go back. PJ decided that he didn't want to where his helmet anymore. The conversation went something like this.

Me: "PJ, please wear you're helmet."
PJ: "No helmet." (Throwing helmet)
Anna: "I'll make PJ where his helmet!"
PJ "No Anna make PJ helmet"
Me: "PJ, please wear you're helmet." (I hand him his helmet)
PJ: "No helmet." (Throwing helmet)

At which point a ruckus ensued. I gave up and started riding again. So there I am riding down the W&OD bike path with my two children fighting and crying, maybe not helmeted, but at least they were strapped down. It was oddly relaxing.

Saturday night we visited freinds with a new baby. Won't be long for us now. When I say that I experience a light mix of anxiousness and pure fear.

Sunday morning I helped out at Sunday school, and was dogpiled on by about 8 4 year olds. I think Anna was the instigator.

Later on Sunday I got a chance to go mountain biking at riverbend, just outside of great falls. The foliage was beautiful, and so late this year.

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