Friday, November 22, 2002

Okay, I have added some very long mapquest links below, so that you help if you if you have any questions. Or you coulkd always email me at PeteShaw(AT)avacal(DOT)com

Thursday, November 21, 2002

the tree farm
More info on the tree cutting dealie. Okay, here are mapquest links to
my house
Here is the information about the Christmas Tree Farm we are going to

(540) 822-5428 Tim and Peggy Opeka

Open: 11/24-12/23, weekends 9am-4pm; Monday-Friday 2-5pm.

Varieties: Choose-&-cut Blue and White Spruce; Douglas and Concolor Fir; Scotch, White, and Southwestern White Pine. Trees range in height from tabletop to 10 ft. Fresh pre-cut trees including Fraser Fir from our farms.

Other Holiday Items: Wreaths and roping. Christmas shop (open Friday, Saturday & Sunday only) includes handmade ornaments, tree stands, and complimentary hot cider; and other gifts for children.

Special Services: Scenic views; hay bales for kids play; wagons and farm equipment; life-size cartoon caricatures for picture taking opportunities. Saws and tree carts provided, free baling, twine. Please no dogs or chainsaws allowed in the fields. Checks or cash only.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Finally the leaves have turned! And Anna, and PJ too, to a lesser extent, are getting positively eeeeevil. Friday night we loafed and relaxed once the kids went to bed. Saturday I got up with the munchkins, ran some errands.

We went to Lowes and got some blinds. Then after we got home, I took Anna and PJ for a ride in the bicycle trailer. The two of them sat side by side with their snacks and drinks while Daddy huffed and puffed pulling the 70+ pound load of the two of them. Five minutes into the ride Anna decided that she was in charge, saying "No daddy! Go that way!" at every intersection. Of course I couldn't see where she was pointing without stopping, I could only tell that wherever it was I was going it was the *wrong* way. Eventually we worked it out, although next time I will make a point to bring Dora the explorer type maps.

About halfway through the ride, the point when I had to turn around and go back. PJ decided that he didn't want to where his helmet anymore. The conversation went something like this.

Me: "PJ, please wear you're helmet."
PJ: "No helmet." (Throwing helmet)
Anna: "I'll make PJ where his helmet!"
PJ "No Anna make PJ helmet"
Me: "PJ, please wear you're helmet." (I hand him his helmet)
PJ: "No helmet." (Throwing helmet)

At which point a ruckus ensued. I gave up and started riding again. So there I am riding down the W&OD bike path with my two children fighting and crying, maybe not helmeted, but at least they were strapped down. It was oddly relaxing.

Saturday night we visited freinds with a new baby. Won't be long for us now. When I say that I experience a light mix of anxiousness and pure fear.

Sunday morning I helped out at Sunday school, and was dogpiled on by about 8 4 year olds. I think Anna was the instigator.

Later on Sunday I got a chance to go mountain biking at riverbend, just outside of great falls. The foliage was beautiful, and so late this year.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Oh, let me see. Here is the skinny on halloween, readers digest version. First, the great big pumpin was a huge success courtesyt of Kath's dad, who bought it and shiped it in from the Delmarva personally. Kudos to the Leesburg Outlet mall for having trick or treating during the day. Kath took the kids there during the day, see picture below. The Leesburg parade was great! It was cold out, but the parade wasn't too long. Patra snuck out and sniffed little Sarah in the face, no damage done, but Sarah let loose a good old fasioned blood-curling halloween shreik. Sorry Sarah! (She is about 2). Anna showed no signs of exhuastion at bedtime. Fueled by candy bars and sweet tarts not doubt. Everything without a hitch. Once again, Happy halloween!