Monday, October 21, 2002

Yesterday, the family went to a fall festival fund raising at a local Elementary school. My freind Dennis, has a daughter in school there. It was great fun. Of course the event had to be hosted in the gymnasium because of asshole sniper man. But it was okay. You entered and bought tickets, which could be used for rides, games, and tickets. PJ spent most of the time in his backpack, sitting high up on daddy's shoulders and enjoying the view. Anna's favorite was the cake walk.

We tried the cake walk a few times, and Anna wanted very badly to win a cake. At first she was very patient. But every time it seemed that the child who won was just next to her. She would carefully stpe from square to square in a circle with the other children, and then wait for the high school girl to call out a number. No cake again! After about six tries, including one when we had about 4 people in the cake walk, after all these tries with no success, Anna had just about given up.

She was no longer stepping from square to square. She was looking at the floor and kind of shuffling along, like a prisoner on her way to roll call. I heard the high school girl whisper to the number-picker "make sure its number one this time" which was where my dejected daughter was standing. And it was one! Anna one a plastic box of cupcakes! Never mind that we probably spent about five or six dollars to win a two dollar box of cupcakes. All was well again and Anna had stopped shuffling, and THAT was the big thing after all.

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