Tuesday, October 22, 2002

So this past Sunday evening Kath and I watched the Sopranos and then the 2nd half of insomnia, a movie that I have been dying to see since it came out on the big screen. Their is some irony hear, but I will get to that in a bit.

The sopranos was kind of a let down I think. Their wasn't as much charge to the activities. For instance, one of the reasons that I like the show so much is that it is constantly dangling possible plot leads and then letting them sit for several episodes. The result is that the whole season ends up feeling more like a movie then a series of unique episodes. I don't think this show would work very well in syndication, but who knows.

So anyway, the ironic part is that I could barely stay awake through insomnia. We had tried to watch it Saturday night, but I had to work Sunday morning, and Kath was very very tired, so halfway through we stopped the vcr. Too tired to watch insomnia. Get it? Ha ha. The Sunday night we waited until the sopranos was over to watch part deux. BY this time its ten pm and its been a long day. I know I'm getting old. I know that ten pm was the time when, in some other life, I would be calling freinds to see if they wanted to go out. I know all this and that's okay, but its only ten pm and I am watching this great movie, in which Al Pacino grows ever more haggard and tired in front of 24 hour light of an Alaskan townin the summer. 6 days he goes without sleep, and its ten pm on a sunday night and I can barely keep my eyes open in the dark here in Suburban virginia.

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