Tuesday, June 11, 2002

my latest top ten list - no particular order

1.)my dear daughter-- is so smart. But when bored, she becomes absolutely eeeeeeevil
2.)Writing, or rather the lack of time to do any
3.)chess, no playing lately. I need to study.
4.)just travelled to upstate. Next week, camping with children
5.)My wife. At the breaking point? See #1 Just kiddin
6.)Now that the lattice is up I must treat the deck, and to sealant. No ice cream for you -deck!
7.)Why the heck do I *never* go mountain biking anymore?
8.)I need to fix up the old nishiki downstairs by the 23rd.
9.)The swingset in the backyard needs to be fixed.
10.)My dog has lyme disease, but do I?

just got back from the trip to nina's house, my mom, annas grandmom. Had a blast. Anna loved all the attention, and playing with her cousins Molly and Andrew. What fun! Now I'm back into the grind. *sigh*. Next week, the PATC cabin. BTW, I don't feel so guilty about renting these things anymore. I've signed up for a token one evening a month of phone duty.

and the 7/23 thru 7/30 its deep creek ho! Another great time. And then more trackless unplanned summer. more later --pjs

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